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Bass Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to academic & athletic solutions for student-athletes.

Why Choose Bass Education?

Few athletic facilities properly prepare student-athletes for the rigors of high school and college. Bass Education’s approach to student-athlete development is a proprietary methodology that incorporates accountability, effort, self-discipline, and team dynamics. By focusing on developing grit and the ability to do hard things, studies show that kids will have better outcomes in life and obtain transferable competencies.



Be it our commitment to education technology (EdTech), or our collegiate level facilities and programs, Bass Education is dedicated to providing a contemporary learning and athletic development experience.

  • Paperless Classroom – Fully integrated and digital

  • Collegiate LevelState of the art weight-room & indoor turf

  • Focused Learning Environment – 18:1 classroom size of all student-athletes

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our e-learning packages may be right up your street.


The mission of Bass Education is to deliver academic and athletic solutions to student-athletes by providing experiences that develop grit.

Our philosophy is that student-athletes are capable of doing hard things, and become better and achieve more from doing hard things.

Our method of pushing our students to new levels of growth is woven into every facet of our organization.  From academics, athletics, and nutrition; accountability, correct effort, and self-discipline are the cornerstones of what helps Bass student-athletes develop grit.

  • Accountability: Hold yourself accountable for your results, by taking responsibility for your actions. High performers don’t make excuses or blame others for poor outcomes.
  • Correct effort: High-performing student-athletes know exactly where they are going and make sure all of their actions consistently move them in the right direction, this is true for academics and athletics.
  • Self-Discipline:  The willingness to do any and everything necessary to move you closer to your goals.  High-performing student-athletes consistently give 100% even when they don’t feel like it.

Bass Education’s values are the 3 E’s: Engage, Expect, Encourage

  • Engage our student-athletes by holding them accountable 
  • Set high Expectations so they can experience real growth
  • Encourage them to keep going in the face of setbacks 




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