Educators at BASS Education will present the study of history as complex and assist student-athletes in tracing the development of humankind through history’s progress and society’s interconnectedness to the world. The study of history highlights that our collective past impacts and shapes our future.
The purpose of our Two Year Program at BASS Education is to provide students an open space to analyze and explore history from:

  • Year 1: The discovery of the Americas to the complicated and tragic aftermath of the Civil War leading to the Reconstruction era.
  • Year 2: The Reconstruction Era to our current history and the implications of the past on our future.

Course Details

During Year 1, Student-Athletes will learn about these units:

  1. The First Americans and the Age of Exploration
  2. Colonial America and the Road to Revolution
  3. The American Revolution and Self-Government
  4. Federalism and Growth and Expansion
  5. The Spread of Democracy
  6. Rising Tensions between the North and South
  7. The Civil War and Reconstruction

During Year 2, Student-Athletes will learn about these units:

  1. Post-Reconstruction and America’s Expansion and Growth
  2. Urbanization and the Progressive Era
  3. America’s Rise to Power and WWI
  4. Change in America and the Great Depression
  5. World Conflict and WWII
  6. The Cold War Era
  7. The Civil Rights Era and the Vietnam War
  8. America and the Present

Course Requirements

This is a 2 Year Program offered at BASS Education (*It is highly encouraged that students participate in the two-year Program.)
Students at BASS Education will be assigned two texts that will be utilized during their classes:

  • -Discovering Our Past: A History of the United States, Early Years © 2018 (Digital text)
  • -Howard Zinn’s A Young People’s History of the United States, 2009

**A mandatory requirement for Year 1 & 2 is that all student-athletes participate in volunteer work in and around our community of Corona, California. Throughout the year, BASS Education will schedule different opportunities for your student-athlete to help out in the community. It is worth 10% of their overall History grade. Our goal and motivation in requiring this is that student-athletes develop a desire to become more present in their community and actively seek ways to volunteer.