English Language Arts is a vital component for a student’s success in their educational endeavors. At BASS, our highly trained educators scaffold ELA content to provide comprehensive and sequenced instruction that utilizes a cross curricular approach with history. BASS educators facilitate optimum student-athlete growth and development in language, writing, and speaking skills through critical analysis and self-reflection. Students will read challenging works with the goal of achieving greater fluency, comprehension, and improved writing abilities.

Course Details

Over the two-year Program, BASS student-athletes will read literature pieces that will include: fiction and non-fictions novels, short stories, narratives, literary fiction, historical pieces, informational texts and excerpts from primary source documents that align with Common Core Standards. In some instances, the literature can complement the history standards, which allow BASS educators to employ a cross-curricular and interdisciplinary approach. In ELA student-athletes are presented with themes through the lens of writers and authors in literature such as heroism. Students will also be exposed to primary source documents where they are guided by their teacher on how to properly analyze and understand the document from the big picture perspective. Student-athletes gain a deeper understanding of the past by interacting with fictional or nonfictional characters by reading novels of the period they are learning about in history. Students are responsible for creating effectively written essays and literature responses while using their critical thinking skills to develop their writing abilities.

Subjects Covered

Student-athletes will read novels, texts, and literature pieces during the two-year Program.

  • Year 1 will cover literature from early modern to modern history.
  • Year 2 will cover from modern to contemporary history.

Below are a few examples of what student-athletes will be responsible for within the ELA curriculum:

  • – Ownership of their learning through guidance, modeling, and scaffolding
  • – Analyze and explore works of literature and primary source documents
  • – Active interaction and engagement with the content
  • – Compose thoughtful and effective essays
  • – Speak and respond to prompts
  • – Collaborate with their peers
  • – Reflect on the texts and establish the broader connections
  • – Identify writing styles and purpose
  • – Examine themes found within literature and connect to history
  • – Conduct research
  • – Comparing and contrasting point of view and the impact on that piece of literature


This is a 2 Year Program offered at BASS Education (*It is highly encouraged that students participate in the two-year Program).

The student-athletes will be assigned various novels and will check them out as textbooks.  Below you will find a list of engaging and thought provoking novels that we incorporate into our ELA Program: