Welcome to Bass Education

Bass Education Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Corona, CA that provides student-athletes with academic and athletic solutions that develop grit.

Our approach to student-athlete development is a proprietary methodology that incorporates accountability, effort, self-discipline, and team dynamics. By focusing on developing grit and the ability to do hard things, studies show that kids will have better outcomes in life and obtain transferable competencies.

Nurturing Accountability to Empower Academic Excellence

Bass Education empowers academic excellence through nurturing accountability with our in-person learning environment maintaining a max 18:1 classroom size. This allows kids to develop the skills necessary to be successful in academics before transitioning to high school.

Growing Self-Discipline for Student-Athlete Development

Bass Education is rooted in the importance of growing self-discipline in every aspect of a well-rounded student-athlete: strength training, conditioning, and nutrition. Facilitated by a former professional athlete, Bass Education gives the foundational knowledge and resources leading to an average student-athlete improving their athleticism upon completion of the program.

Fostering Personal Growth to Increase Confidence

Bass Education creates a space for kids to find their passion and voice, while learning the values of hard work and grit. These foundations are keys to the growth of our students’ with our students having an increase in their confidence to tackle real-life problems after completing Bass Education.