Math is exciting and the only universal language! Mastering math concepts provide student-athletes the tools they need to think critically and analytically within the academic setting, but also importantly in their life. Students benefit from those skills as they will transfer them to other areas of learning. This math course will offer students the opportunity to delve into our problem-based curriculum where they will practice the standards in an approachable, thoughtful, and meaningful way. Students will be taught critical thinking skills to assist them in problem solving at school and in their lives.

Course Details

Our engaging Math Course aligns with Common Core Standards and will focus on three areas of math: expressions and equations, functions, and geometry. Student-athletes will do math with the purpose to make sense of problems and use analytical skills to solve them. Student-athletes will be taught and guided how to effectively utilize mathematical tools and strategies to achieve understanding and mastery of the content. They will also practice math concepts and skills by working through the supplemental math resource Aleks. This program goes hand in hand with our Math Course allowing students to practice at home while providing BASS educators useful data to ensure student understanding and growth. All student-athletes will develop into stronger mathematicians!

Subjects Covered

Student-athletes will expand their math knowledge by studying the following topics:

  • – The Number System
  • – Expressions and Equations
  • – Functions
  • – Geometry
  • – Statistics and Probability


Student-athletes will be assigned the digital text Illustrative Mathematics.